The  Healing Well


Using gentle rhythmic movements, the Trager® Approach calms the nervous system, develops the mind-body connection and helps release deep-seated physical and mental patterns, often leaving the client with freer movement, less tension and an embodied sense of peace. The practitioner works with a client’s movement either passively on a massage table or autonomously off the table to facilitate deep relaxation, increased physical mobility and mental clarity. Movements include swinging, rocking and vibrating.  It has been reported to ease symptoms of the following conditions:

muscle tension            migraines                           Multiple Sclerosis
anxiety                        sports Injury                        trauma and PTSD
inflammation               Fibromyalgia                       grief                             
Parkinson’s                 Anorexia and Bulimia         depression

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Elizabeth Haselwood

certified Trager® Practitioner

What could be lighter?

What could be easier?

What could be freer?

Golden Office

Heart of Oneness Center
720 14th St.
Golden, CO 80401

Denver Office

Nourished Health Center
1740 Marion St.
Denver CO 80218



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Experience a way of being that is
lighter, freer, more empowered, more connected
through hands-on body work and mind-body coaching.

The Trager® Approach

Develop the mind-body connection and use your awareness to transform your physical and emotional state.

Mind-Body Wellness Approach

For clients who are interested in improving their emotional well-being, Elizabeth offers a mind-body approach to shifting the brain out of depression and anxiety. Clients learn to sense the sensation of negative emotions, trauma or nervous system dysregulation in the body and then through guided visualization, mindfulness, movement and brain exercises, shift the brain back to a state of calm, gratitude and peace. This allows the client to increase mindfulness and make life choices from their empowered self rather than from unconscious patterns.